How to take notes using the Cornell Notes method…


We’ll be taking lots of notes as we read and conduct research during the year. You’ll also be taking notes in your other classes too.  Here is a video (created by another teacher) that shows how he take notes using the Cornell Notes method while reading his social studies textbook – you can do the same thing with any type of text, a teacher’s lecture, a class discussion, while watching a video, or while researching websites on the internet. Most teachers at Nolan have been trained and use this note-taking method in their classes:

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Homework Policy Reminder

There seems to be some confusion about my Homework policy lately, specifically regarding the requirement for Homework to be turned in using blue or black ink or typed and not pencil. In addition to often discussing the policy during class, the specific policy is also included in the Language Arts syllabus, the Language Arts section of this website and the Gifted Elective section of this website. Although the policy may seem harsh, I assure you that it is in place to encourage students to take pride in their work.

To help remind students, I’ve started posting the reminder on the board in class under the Weekly Assignment Calendars beginning today (however, the policy continues to be in effect since the beginning of the year).



If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to contact me and speak to me personally about any questions, concerns, or insights you may have regarding your child’s education.

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